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Our ‘hood

Before we’re kicked out for good,this is where we live! Ours is the top apartment with open window.


This is a shot of the mangroves around the corner where we sometimes walk, it was foggy today.



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Friday Brunch

And here is another view of Abu Dhabi

This is our local Pakistani joint.  Tasty food.

A gets the meat option & I get the veggie option, you get what’s dished up.





The Shangri La meal cost us 430 dirhams including 2 drinks & 2 Becks (with a 2 for 1 voucher).  Today’s lunch cost us 28 dirhams including 4 cokes & 2 milks.

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Abu Dhabi


One view of life in The Emirates.  I like this picture, the flash boats, beautiful water, the Grand Mosque & of course construction.

No job yet…

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Gotta Love The Ergo

A is a bit macho really.  I consulted him on sling types & colours but he wasn’t having it.  So how I smiled inside when I got home from yoga the other night to find MC fast asleep on


A… in the Ergo!!  He must have liked it because this was them again today, I ran to snap a photo this time.

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Happy Birthday to my baby boy! CJ is 3 years old today! Wow I can’t believe it, those early days at home in Pukerua Bay with my new baby, I remember so clearly.  The year CJ was born, 2006, was the best year of my life.  I was just so proud & had an overwhelming sense of rightness.  I’ve learned so much about myself from having my beautiful babies, what amazing teachers.  Here are some photos of CJ today.




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20th January

It was on January 20th 2007 we left New Zealand one week before CJ’s 1st Birthday.  We said we would be gone for 2 years or until we had saved X NZ dollars.  Well the 2 years is up today & we are close to our savings goal.  I wonder if the redundancy is to remind us not to get greedy?  But I can’t help feeling like our adventure was just beginning.

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How romantic

It was thinking about it being 2 years since we left when I remembered A & I had missed our anniversary.  It made us laugh.  Marriage is something I never wanted & ours was a marriage of convenience, a requirement of coming here.  Un married couples do live together illegally but if you fall pregnant & are not married you need to get out before you are found out!  We were planning MC so we signed to be married on January 10th.  Happy Anniversary A!

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Baby girl is on the move



Big bro is excited as she becomes more interesting.   I am sad as I miss my new born & know my life is going to get more hectic with 2 on the move.



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The world is my oyster

A has been made redundant.

We were prepared for it so it wasn’t too much of a shock, although the company had just assured him his position was safe.  So we have to work quickly (scramble!) & we will see where this leads us next.  We want to stay in the region but are open to other countries so it is a little bit exciting wondering where to from here???  Could this be another blessing in disguise?  Stay tuned.

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No hitting, no fighting

“No hitting, no fighting”.  That’s what I tell CJ often & that’s how we explained to him what we doing this afternoon.  We told him that’s what was being chanted so passionately in Arabic at the protest against the Gaza attacks.  We got down to the Corniche & I couldn’t hold back the tears.  I find it overwhelming that this killing is happening.  I was also disturbed by the lack of support from westerners & I read an email from the US embassy which warned US citizen’s from going anywhere near the protest, so sad.  It was a passionate & peaceful protest supported by many women & children.



Free Palestine.  Peace.

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