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Loved Up

I’m head over heels with MC right now.  Having those warm fuzzy surges of love.  They were more regular from a young age with CJ but they are coming hard & fast with MC now.  She is going through a bit of separation anxiety which means she wants to be with me constantly.  It’s so sweet, I feel so loved and special!  If she’s upset she just has to see me or I pick her up and she starts smiling again, shucks.  I love our closeness and our attachment.

I’m so glad I didn’t put CJ in the Montessori.  The principal had called CJ and I ‘too attached’.  What a rubbish, there’s no such thing.  I will love and cherish my babies  and I will not fall for anyone who tries to convince me my natural instincts are wrong.




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and just like that….

Plan B kicks into action.

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Plan B

I write therefore I am.  Or so I’ve been told. This year as long as I am writing for one of my university papers, I am a writer.

Ha.  So I am going to try to write more on here.  Of course it will be mostly blabber but it’s my gig, thanks for listening!

Right now A has not secured a job here.  We have 18 days to do so, or our time is up.  So we’re forming Plan B.  It’s starting to take shape & is rather exciting.  We will do what we always planned & visit Syria & Egypt before leaving the Middle East.  From there we will go to Thailand & hang out there for a few months continuing to look for work from there.  We just need Internet access so I can study & A can job hunt.  Otherwise it will be an extended holiday, beach & travel.  Sounds like a plan to me.

I recall writing I felt change in the air.


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Oman roady part II

We decided to head back to Oman to finish off our trip.  We wanted to explore the Nizwa area a bit more, we ran out of time on the last trip.  We based ourselves in Ibri at Ibri Oasis Hotel.  It’s a 2 star hotel & we were very happy with it, the biggest complaint being the smell of old smoke in the bedroom & smoking in the restaurant but hey they are a bit behind on non smoking laws in Oman.  The hotel bill cost us under 1200 dirhams for 2 nights, 2 dinners, 1 breakfast, 1 lunch & 2 bottles of wine!  Not bad at all & CJ thought he was staying in a castle so was very pleased.  I got the rare chance to sleep with both my babies as CJ now sleeps with his Dad & MC with me so it was really nice.  Thursday we explored Ibri on foot which was great fun.  Friday we headed to Nizwa to the famous goat market, a bit disappointing & lots of tourists snapping away, some quite rude, in people’s faces taking photos without permission.  The few people I asked to photograph said no so I tried to be discreet.  Bought some yummy dates.  We had to leave quite early to get to Jabrin Castle before it closed but could have easily spent a nice day in Nizwa.  Jabrin Castle is still being renovated but was lovely & will be impressive when it’s finished.  Friday afternoon we explored Bahla by foot while CJ & MC napped in the Ergos.  Again I was a little disappointed as Bahla is known for its pottery & I wanted to buy the incense burner I missed out on last time, of course the town was dead & we heard the pottery souq (that we searched for & just couldn’t find) would open at night.  Bummer, could have bought it in Nizwa & my frankinsence from Muscat is still sitting un opened.  On Saturday we decided to do the Wadi Damm hike, we actually made it all the way with babies strapped on & jandals on our feet.  CJ walked the whole way up alone.  It was a great weekend!












Sleeping beauties


Wadi Damm





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This is my new favourite thing & I want to tell the world.  If you’re my friend & female, expect an email from me soon telling you how great these are.  What am I on about?  A menstrual cup of course.  I have just tried my ‘Diva Cup’ for the first time after not having periods for ages, being pregnant & breastfeeding.  I really find them annoying but this cup makes a huge difference.  You only have to empty it morning & night, you can’t feel it & you forget you even have your period.  I really really recommend it.  Also you have the environmentally friendly tick & save money too.  Ingenious, I can’t figure out why they aren’t more popular.  I will be surprised if I find a more exciting discovery this year, this is liberating. p21100464 My fabulous friend (“Hi fabulous friend!”) shared this link with me all about menstrual cups.  What does it say about me if it’s my new favourite website?

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My daughter said “mum mum mum” today!


About time, she’s been saying da da da da for ages & I keep replying mum mum mum mum.

Today she got it, cutie.

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Thought I’d write something for the sake of writing something!  I’m pretty distracted at the moment, A & I are managing to stay pretty positive about the job situation but it’s a really worrying time.  This week is the last week A is employed.  It’s so hard not knowing where we’ll be living & what changes might be fast approaching.  I had a lot planned for this year in Abu Dhabi, so everyone’s fingers crossed for us & a happy outcome.  We are a strong unit & will be great no matter what, but we are hoping our time in the Middle East is not over yet.

MC is a bright,shining star like her name.  She warms me up.  And CJ is doing really well, he talks away non stop all day which is very entertaining.  I hope they both inherit A’s positive, care free attitude.

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