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My babies are cuddling in bed (asleep).  MC has her hand on CJ’s knee & his hand is on her head.  Too cute.


This is them playing in the garden today.  Happiness!


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Organised Chaos – Egypt

It feels like it was so long ago we were in Egypt.  So much has changed since we returned to the UAE & we’ve been busy settling into our new home.  My feelings are very mixed, I am definitely sad to be out of Abu Dhabi.  I never felt comfortable when we last lived in Dubai & I get the same sense this time too, the place doesn’t sit well with me.  On the other hand I really like our villa and it has really changed our routine.  CJ & MC are enjoying playing in the garden every morning & evening & it is so private.  In the apartment although it was big we had to get out everyday to stay sane.  This week I’ve left the house once!  So the three of us are spending really good home time together & it’s been lovely. We have some exciting activities starting all in the neighbourhood this week & our ready made friends  have made settling back in so stress free.  I have to face the traffic tomorrow, Dubai driving for the first time again (I have a fear since the crash), at least it will be on a quiet Friday morning & is to yoga so I should be nice & chilled out for the drive home!

back to the worlds best organised chaos…..

We flew from Aleppo to Cairo & spent two whirlwind days exploring Cairo.  It was fantastic.  We stayed at the Windsor Hotel which was the coolest old hotel, like something out of an old murder mystery.  Actually it’s an old officer’s club & was attacked in the Black Saturday riots in 1952.  It was my favourite hotel of the trip


On the first day we went to the pyramids at Giza & Saqqara, there was a sandstorm at Saqqara so we didn’t get a good look there but found shelter at a wonderful little restaurant near by with a garden with playground for the babes.  Riding camels around the pyramids was one of our trip highlights but my bottom was SO SORE!  We got dropped off after lunch at Khan al Khalili the bazaar then headed back to the Windsor for dinner & bed.  Our second & last day in Cairo was full on.  First we went to Al Azah park which was such a pretty quiet space in the city with amazing views.  From there we went to the Cairo Tower for another view of the city.  From the tower we walked until we started running out of time & jumped in a cab to Zamalek, found a trendy cafe for lunch & enjoyed espresso & Western food for the first time in about 10 days.  After lunch we took a frantic guided tour of the museum, I am not the museum type but really enjoyed it (especially as CJ & MC slept in Ergos) , but our time was so limited so we gave up after the tour & headed ‘home’ again to shower & meet the transfer to the night train.

We got on the overnight train & I had been dreading it.  I thought it might just be seats that lay down with a curtain across (I must have seen photos of some like this) but we had a tiny cabin & the beds were comfy enough.  We all got to sleep, although I felt nauseous & took some meds, MC must have had something wrong  too because in the morning when we were ready to enjoy the view she pooed EVERYWHERE.   We got off the train in Aswan & straight onto our Movenpick cruise up the river Nile to Luxor.  Again I hadn’t been sure how we would enjoy the package holiday ‘cruise’ thing but it was fab.  The boat was nice & it was just so easy having your days planned including meal times & cup of tea time!   I liked being rushed around the sites, you saw so much & didn’t have time to get bored.  Those ancient Egyptians were an artistic & spiritual bunch to say the least!  CJ made a best friend for the 3 days on the boat & they were really cute hanging out together.  We got off the ship in Luxor for our last 2 nights & stayed on the West Bank.  What a good choice that was!  The East bank of Luxor is impossible, the hassle just drives you crazy & you can’t escape it.  We were happy in ourlittle haven El Nakhil, we took it easy, used a neighbouring hotel’s swimming pool, ate a lot & finished the adventure with a hot air balloon ride over the West Bank.

What a magic and unforgettable time we had.  Our family was strengthened more by our time together & our experience.  It was however one holiday we’ve had when I haven’t left saying I would love to return.  Now I’ve seen Syria & Egypt I don’t think I will return there (but who knows).  It was a once in a lifetime trip & I am so glad we did it.

Giza pyramids










Philae temple


The Nile



karnak (I think!)


CJ & his BF (for a few days)




Hanging out at El Nakhil


hod hod hot air baloon, CJ was a bit afraid & was asking to go home for his breakfast.  He says it was the fire that was scaring him, he did great.



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Good Feeling

There is something magic about yoga. One hour or so completely to myself, to connect with my body & keep my mind inside my body. Yoga gives me the energy I need, and sets me up, for the week.

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Plan C!

We hadn’t even recovered from our trip when we realised we couldn’t afford to stay another year in Abu Dhabi.  The rent of 240,000 AED was too much, so quick as a flash we packed our bags (again!) & headed back to Dubai.  Turns out A can be based in Dubai anyway & we found a villa back in our old neighbourhood that we love, close to our old friends.  It was a totally unexpected move but looks like it was a good one.  Instead of apartment living we’ve got an independent villa (for the first time since we moved to the UAE), with a huge garden.  This is what CJ thinks



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look at my big kids!  I keep buying M baby clothes that don’t fit over her head, I’m in denial.  But I’ve noticed when I pull her in to feed at night she isn’t a wee baby anymore but almost a toddler.  CJ got himself all dressed this morning, he was so proud.

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Sometimes I feel

Overwhelmed and like hiding until everything is good again.

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