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My baby girl turned one on Sunday.  She took her first step the day before.  She has 2 teeth down the bottom, one just through up the top and bursting gums with more teeth coming.  She is my girl, so sweet and cuddly.  She is happy and smiley and makes me feel warm inside!

Happy Birthday MC.


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Fujairah for the day

I felt a desperate need to get out of Dubai for the day so yesterday we headed off to the East Coast, the Fujairah emirate.  It took us 90mins on the Sharjah-Kalba road (S116) and it was a great drive.  We saw the usual sand dunes, camels, goats and the last 30 mins or so was through mountains.  From Kalba we drove up the coast through Fujairah, Khor Fakkan and to Le Meridien hotel on Al Aqah beach where we spent the day.  It was roasting hot but we really enjoyed our day.  We spent a couple of hours by the pool then had lunch inside under the AC which we really needed by then. MC made a pig of herself and then she had a lovely afternoon snooze in the pram while CJ, A and I swam all afternoon in the ocean and relaxed at the beach.  They were the best swims I’ve had in the UAE, absolutely gorgeous.  The water was clean & clear & warm oooo I want to be there now!  MC woke up for an evening beach swim & then we had a hard time getting CJ out of the pool for dinner.  Fish n Chips outside by the water.  In the evening when I changed out of my togs it was still so hot my body could not get dry, I was dripping with sweat.  We left around 8pm and made it home by 10 with 2 sleeping babes who had fallen asleep as soon as they were in the car.  We will definitely return when the temperatures cool down again but with it not even being June yet it could be a long hot 4 months ahead.


P5220834Khor Fakkan – an inviting spot!

P5220835Finally I got my snap!  I tried to take a photo of one of these signs at the Oman border & we were quickly yelled at by security & made to delete the pic.  Yesterday I got my photos, I love this sign.

P5220837Bidiyah Mosque.  The oldest mosque in the UAE mid 15th C.

P5220852Look how clear the water is.  And look how cute his bum in the next one!



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Mother Blessings

I’ve been part of 2 Mother Blessings recently, celebrating with 2 dear friends as they both look forward to welcoming their 3rd babies to the world in July.   Both afternoons were special spaces in time when women and children came together to spend time together & honor the mother to be.  I now have 2 woolen bands around my wrist that I will wear until they either fall off or the babies are born.  Wearing them helps me to keep my friends in my thoughts.  Both babies will be born in their mother’s home country as both woman have decided against giving birth here in the UAE.  Birth is a business here and highly medicalised, so to get the peaceful births they desire both have decided to head home.  L’s baby will be born in Australia and K’s baby will be born at ‘home’ in the UK.  Here is a photo from the first day


This collage was taken by one of the “fierce mothers” & friends who was at the 2nd Blessing,  Abu Dhabi’s very own multi-talented Kirsty Lamour.


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Sleeping Beauties


This is how CJ & MC nap together during the day.  I am the filling of the sandwich at night!  Adorable.

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I must remind myself to breathe at the moment, I don’t seem to have time to do anything. The weeks are rolling by so fast and I wish I could just pause for a while. And rest. We had a beach day today and we always feel better after a day at the beach. It’s hotting up though and before long we’ll be locked indoors, must make the most of being outside while we can.
I am so tired and so hungry. I Have lost all motivation for my Massey work and just want to grow this baby and take care of C & M. That’s more than enough work! Time for bed!P5080840


Oh yes, I have recently been accredited as a leader for La Leche League. Over the last few weeks I have been happy to be able to help 2 women in Dubai breastfeed their newborn babies, what a pleasure!

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