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Relief – CJ

I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  I was getting myself in a state worrying about CJ starting ‘school’ in January.  It was mainly a financial concern (it’s really expensive) and because I don’t really believe in academics or institutions for wee ones it just wasn’t sitting well.  I was trying to figure out how we would rush back from NZ with a brand new family member then have to find the money and get him straight into the second term which he’d already be late for…. From then on we’d be in THAT world.  Terms, uniforms, fees, set holidays and the rest.

My friend was showing me her sons uniform for the school I would want CJ in.  2 pairs of shoes, shorts, tops, bags, PE shorts.  It was rather ridiculous and it was that day it dawned on me.  He doesn’t have to go yet.  And more importantly then my feelings on the matter are CJ’s thoughts.  He say he doesn’t want to go to school.  He wants to stay at home with mum, he’ll go when he’s a big boy.  Even when we talk about his friends being at school he still has no desire to go.  So I feel relieved that I’ve now decided the whole ‘school thing’ can go on hold until the new school year September 2010 at least.

It will be another mothering challenge having 3 little ones at home but it is my world for the short time I have my babes with me.  I’m going to take the challenge!

At ‘school’ there are 2 kindergarten years.  Using the English curriculum CJ could start next week.  The American system starts a year later so even if I/he was ready he wouldn’t be going until next year in the US system anyway.  This means my decision is simply not to put him in a ‘nursery’.

CJ went to his friends house yesterday for 3 hours.  I missed him so much and even felt teary!  Probably hormonal with the pregnancy but it reaffirmed my decision to let him stay at home.  I love his company.  We have terrible days and amazing moments and I know one day it will all be a blur of treasured memories.


ready & excited for a play date - Mr Independent

ready & excited for a play date - Mr Independent

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Tip Toey Joey

Here she is!

P1010333P1010334We had the first Dubai LLL meeting yesterday and it was great.  The group is well and truly in action now!  6 mothers and 7 little ones came along, not bad for mid Summer.  We had a 3 week old baby and bubs up to 14months (MC) and 2 older siblings.  Excellent.

Well, I feel like after 2 and a half years I am finally settling into life in Dubai.  For the first time I feel content day to day.  I still feel the same about the things that aren’t good here but for some unkown reason I don’t feel like I would be better off leaving.  I reckon it’s something to do with the nice rhythms our days have at the moment and the fact that we don’t ever venture too far from home.  With MC walking she and CJ tend to potter around the house more together which frees me up to potter a bit more too.

No doubt now I feel at peace here our time will run out!

I’m looking forward to Ramadan starting next week.  Another chance to slow things down and let the days run their course without too much packed in and time to just be.  It’s meant to be a time of reflection, here’s a cut & paste about Ramadan

In addition to the fast, Ramadan is also a time to re-evaluate one’s convictions and deeds. It is a time to mend troubled relationships, give charity, find forgiveness for others, and refocus on worshipping Allah (God).

Shorter working hours for grumpy is a huge bonus too.  CJ & MC will especially love having dad home early, they both go nuts with excitement when they see him come throught the gate in the evening.

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Life is good

I’m still really happy to be back in Dubai and even though it is the middle of summer we are falling into a wonderful daily and weekly routine that keeps us busy and content. CJ does his best when he follows a routine & knows what is coming next, it’s an essential Steiner concept – rhythm – that definitely works for him. Sunday morning we have a regular play date, Monday has been a preschoolers group with activities, play & snack, Tuesday is soft play (MC loves it!), Wednesday is grocery shopping & Thursday a play date at home. CJ & MC both go to sleep easily after lunch together & I wake them up in the afternoon with a story. I usually get them snacks & we hang out in the kitchen preparing dinner together. CJ loves his new role of chef & he is a good helper with many “jobs” throughout the day. Then we have our nighttime routine: dinner, bath, DVD, stories. And another day is complete.
I’m trying to fit my study & LLL work in at nap times or after babes are asleep at night. It’s tough and I know I am doing too much right now so I’m really looking forward to finishing with Massey in 3 months time (for a while). I’ve managed to do some yoga practice 3 nights this week which makes me feel good, but in return I am tired as getting to sleep too late. Ahhhh, so it’s hectic, but good, and my babes delight me daily.
Am still working on that photo of MC in her Tip Toey Joey’s Aunty K sent her….

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