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Blessing Days

getting started

getting started

I’m 35 weeks pregnant now and moving into full on birth preparation mode.  I had 2 unforgettable days this week spending time with friends, saying goodbye as we prepare for our trip home to New Zealand.  I received blessings & beads (& a few cheeky gifts) to encourage me on my journey and glowed feeling so propped up by my wonderful women!  On Wednesday my Dubai friends gathered at my house to get some henna done.  The artist is from Sudan & she was incredible.  She didn’t speak much English so we pretty much left the designs up to her.  I loved how she called me sister.


CJ & MC were curious

my tribe

finished product

beads, beany & booties

booties and beads


The next day CJ, MC & I got a ride with A to Abu Dhabi for a mellow day with a three very special friends.  On the way I was so tired but when we arrived & I saw my friends who I hadn’t seen for a long time I was so happy & woke right up.  It was a beautiful & emotional morning & I cried lots of happy tears, slightly overwhelmed.  I collected more beads for my birthing necklace that I’m looking forward to threading up once we’re settled in NZ.  These incredible pics were taken by the incredible Kirsty Lamour, but even more special then these photos are the words she wrote about me for the morning which have touched me so much & made me cry buckets!  Thanks K will pass photos & your writing on to this baby one day.

Abu Dhabi:

CJ whispering something about chocolate @ nanny's

And these taken by me!

typical expressions when these two are together

I’ve been given lots and lots of birth preparation DVD’s too so I’ve started working my way through them & will enjoy the last weeks of my pregnancy filling up on those, getting ready to have this baby.  CJ has been watching some too, it is hard to explain to an almost 4 year old that pain can be good & isn’t always a “mistake”! He is looking forward to meeting the new baby.

We are leaving in the morning & I’m ready for a long hard journey.  It will be 24 hours door to door on my own with CJ & MC, 35 weeks pregnant & involving 3 airplane boardings & a terminal change.  I’m hoping that when we finally arrive I will breathe a big sigh, knowing why we’ve done it & ready to relax in our new nest, waiting for our next family member to arrive.

Wellington: Almost 3 weeks later & I had a bit of a surprise 3rd Blessing Day today!  I went to see my old LLL group & the pregnant women were read blessings which was so special & surprising!  I also received a book as a gift from the Mana group to our Dubai group & lots of muffins to take home :-)) ah I mix with great people!


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Me and Mine



checking my belly out


33 weeks hapu

I think these pictures speak for themselves.

Precious days.

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The Weekend


Haloween/1st Birthday



Belly Dancer

And nothing like a day at the beach to relax us all. Although we were complaining about the cold water at first! Lovely day.





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