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Busy growing a baby


31 weeks pregnant

I haven’t written on here for ages.  Time is just flying and I’ve been hard at work growing this baby.  I have taken a “day off” today which means no commitments & a day to just be.  The last month has been an emotional chaos with so many friends dealing with different troubles and struggles and I’ve been feeling their pain.  I continue to stumble my way through mothering my two babes while finishing essays and studying for an exam, it’s been hectic.  I’ve enjoyed LLL work and holding a fundraiser and organising & preparing for another Blessingway. Oftentimes I nap with CJ & MC in the afternoon but that usually involves a 10-20 minute power nap & lots of reading or scheming. I have a long list of pregnancy related complaints but they keep getting put into perspective by other peoples afflictions.

Another major change is that grumpy got a new job….And isn’t grumpy anymore.  It is so nice to have the man I know back and some sort of emotional support returned.  Six months of living with grumpy was NOT FUN.  The tyrant he was working for has put us back two steps in the grand plan (financially) but hopefully his new job will see things begin to brighten again.

We are heading back to NZ in four weeks and really looking forward to a refreshing change.  Three months at a time in the desert is more then enough & the need for some fresh air becomes urgent.  A change of scene will do us all good.  We are looking forward to welcoming our new baby & the reality is really sinking in as I imagine how our days might be with a newborn in the mix.  CJ is as trying as ever with wonderful highs and extreme behaviours testing me & our relationship.  I often still fail in the way I would like to react to him but I feel like our relationship is solid.

Now to end this post with something delicious, these are pictures from last week, enjoying a vegetable followed by lemon meringue pie for dinner!


Peter Pan with his knife & torch


MC loves to eat


it was really good!


return of the man, good riddance grumpy


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Koushari Recipe

When I started this blog I added a category called ‘Vegetarian Delights’.  Here is my first offering, I ate this dish in Cairo and have been looking for a recipe since.  We had it tonight, yummy!  Where did I find it?  In Mothering, that mag just gets everything right….

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