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I’ve password protected by UAE dis, big brother and all that.  And I don’t want to contribute to wordpress being banned here.  CJ’s middle name will get you in.

Something really weird happened.  We sold my car and most of our furniture.  We were almost mentally prepared to leave and were looking at the possibility of buying a business in Thailand, or trying to decide where to from here for us.  so just as the last bed was being removed on wednesday night the phone rang and A GOT A JOB!

So I wrote I wanted to go to Syria and Egypt and then come home, and that is exactly what we are about to do!  We will be coming home to an empty house (no beds, no oven, no fridge, no power by then) but we are staying and are very happy about that.  We’ve been camping out in CJ’s room and eating meaty boy meals (bleugh) so looking forward to setting off in the morning.

Here is our itinerary

4 nights Damascus, visit Bosra

1 night Palmyra

1 night Krak des Chaveliers

2 nights Aleppo visiting Hama and the Dead Cities on the way

2 nights Cairo

sleeper train Cairo – Aswan

3 nights Nile Cruise

2 nights luxor

It all feels surreal and I half expect to come back and have something go wrong.  But it’s all looking good so we will enjoy our trip and the huge sense of relief we are feeling.  Phew!


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taking shape

Plan B is starting to take shape. Life has taken a crazy turn & we have so much to organise in 2 weeks.  I’m either really enthusiastic about the whole journey or feeling stressed with all the preparations & planning, wondering how it’s all going to pan out.  The biggest stress is trying to pack up our house & decide what to do with the cars.  I’ve started to book flights and make some good plans.  We are leaving on March 15th.  Will spend one week in Syria and one week in Egypt.  Then we’ll stop through Dubai to rest & wash, and on to Chiang Mai where we hope to stay for a while.  Basing ourselves here to start,

I’m already looking forward to the organic breakfasts & 3 yoga studios close by. It’s the sister of Phranakorn Nornlen where we stayed in Bangkok last year.  Can’t wait!

Just got back from a morning walk & lunch at Sunrise Refreshment.  Delicious kai dished up today, I had the best chickpea dish (MC loved it too), and A said his was very good too.

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