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Byron Bay Roady

We hoped our shipping from Dubai would be delivered before Easter, but that was wishful thinking.   Rather than sit around an empty house we decided to head down to Byron Bay for a few nights.  Leaving it so late to book accommodation we were really lucky that a farm stay in the hinterland had a late cancellation & we were in luck.  We left on Friday & instead of heading straight down the coast we decided to take the scenic route!  We spent the day driving in the Gold Coast/Northern New South Wales hinterland & it was stunning! We set out towards Springbrook, then down to Murwillimbah & on to Uki cafe for coffee.

A slight wrong turn had us heading towards Nimbin but we soon realised & back-tracked to get on the correct road which took us on a dirt road through a national park over to Mullumbimby.  We had lunch at Brunswick Heads, the best felafel pockets from Yami & CJ got some fine fish n chips as he insisted he doesn’t like felafel (tired boy).

Byron Bay was just down the road so we picked up some supplies & headed up to the farm.  I had a cold & was feeling pretty bad but it had been a day of really magnificent scenery.  That night we slept in REAL BEDS!  The first time in months.

off to collect eggs :-0

Saturday morning & my dream of fresh organic eggs came to an end when CJ & A came back from egg collection duty empty handed.  CJ exclaiming “The chicken tried to attack A & flapped his wings at him with all his might!”  Hmm, avocado on toast it was.  Back in the car & off to Bangalow for a coffee stop, this was one of my favourite towns, along with Brunswick Heads.  It was quite a drive to the middle of nowhere & the famous Nimbin. We bought a bit of tie-dye but it was a bit tacky really, sort of commercialised & not the cute little hippy town we were expecting.  We decided to leave Nimbin & drove back to Byron for lunch & a look at the beach.

Then back to the farm for a bit of boating.

The Easter bunny came on Saturday night so we had chocolate for breakfast (& shop bought organic eggs!).  It was strange drizzly weather but we went up to the light house & then to the markets.  Talk about market heaven, very much my cup of tea.  CJ & MC were both grumbly so we didn’t hang around long & headed home ,stopping back at Yami where Cosmo ate loads of felafel.

Happy Easter!

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Goodbye Desert, Hello Country

Goodbye Desert, Hello Country!

our street

So after staying with my parents then A’s for a total of more than 3 months we moved into our new home on Queensland’s Gold Coast.  My New Year’s Resolution was to simplify, and we have certainly done that over the first quarter of the year.  Without even a chair to sit on we are living in our new, lovely but empty home still living out of the suitcases we left Dubai with in November.  We have nothing here, A & CJ drive to the shop for milk in the morning as we don’t have a fridge & A is doing our washing at his parents or by hand, we’re eating off plastic plates & sleeping on air beds.  How little we actually need!  In just a few more weeks our container will arrive & the house will be full again, full of all our possessions, our stuff, our treasure or our junk?!  It’s going to be lovely but we know now that it is extra to what we need.  We don’t need much.

Just a day after we came down here CJ, who had decided he was ready, started Steiner kindy 2 days a week.  I will treasure the memory forever of him heading off with his Dad in the car with the window down giving me the thumbs up & calling to me in excitement “it’s my first day of kindy mum!!!”.  He was so ready & he loves it.

CJ ready for his first day @ kindy

too exciting!

My newborn wont be able to be called a newborn much longer, she is almost 3 months old.  I have tried as I have with the other two, to suck in each day & each moment as much as I can.  I’ve tried to remember to take big smells of her deliciousness, to spend a lot of time looking at her tiny body & breastfeeding & kissing her as often as possible.  I love wrapping myself around her in bed & noticing how she literally grows over night & there is a slightly bigger baby next to me each morning.  Oh she is beautiful (& chucked over my shoulder snoring as I type this with my one left hand).  I do admit AO is by far our ‘hardest’ baby, she is a fussy/sensitive wee thing & a cranky bum but I feel so bonded & close to her.

Miss MC is at a funny age/stage, trying out more words & trying to assert herself.  She pulls off her wet nappy wherever she may be but isn’t quite ready to get her nappy off before she needs to go.  I can see she feels a bit neglected & CJ can be nasty to her so she is quick to tears at the moment.  She is also still very much her smiley happy self,  laughing & talking to people.  So we have really been enjoying kindy days too!

Springbrook, Gold Coast Hinterland

A loves his new job.  And I can see we are all going to enjoy our time here.  I have made a conscious decision to start enjoying every day of my perfect life.  It is perfect because it is what we’ve got.  I already miss the Middle East that I spent so much time complaining about, the grass is always greener.  The Gold Coast has a good feel to it & the air is so fresh after the dust & dirt of the desert.  This new chapter feels great.

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